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About Us

Phurix began as a collaboration of efforts between individuals who wanted to offer "something different", offering a collection of services unlike any other provider out there.

The name Phurix came from the inspiration of the creators after brainstorming ideas for a unique name that was easy to remember. Over the past few years it has become abundantly clear that Phurix stands for affordable prices, reliable services and innovative ideas in a competitive market.

Phurix Logo

We were able to achieve this with our ability to dynamically adjust with the ever changing market that is the internet industry and target certain niches allowing Phurix to offer many different services and be constantly competitive and innovative. Over the past few years Phurix has gone from strength to strength. Now we have servers across the globe and offer our services across different connections depending on the service, giving us the reliability and stability you need. Our technical support is second to none, with live chat, a well managed helpdesk and friendly staff you can't go wrong.

Phurix hopes to continue to expand, allowing us to offer our clients more than ever before. We strive to be at the cutting edge of technology, and are constantly monitoring the internet industry for the latest technology and trends. We are an ever changing and ever growing company, but only with the help of our valued customers.

What about the Phurix network and servers? Please visit our network page to find out more information about our network and servers.

Still not got the information you were looking for? If you require further information, please feel free to contact us.

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