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Phurix are looking to expand into other areas including broadband connections, inparticular ADSL.

You may ask why, well we believe that people are still unaware of the great benefits broadband offers:

Broadband allows you to:

  • Download 10 times faster than on dial-up
  • Stream audio and video over the internet
  • Access websites quicker; use Voice Over IP software to speak to friends overseas
  • Have multiple computers connected to the internet at the same time
  • Use the phone at the same time as the internet
  • and generally do more at any once!

There are many more reasons why you should get broadband.

Can you get ADSL Broadband? Enter your BT Phone number below to find out:

Can I get broadband?

Broadband currently offers speeds up to 2mbit, however with increasing technology 8mbit broadband will be available as a standard very soon.

If you are interested in purchasing broadband services from Phurix please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you...

I Want Broadband!

You can find out more information about broadband at BT's website.

Looking for dialup internet? Try our free 0845 dialup connection!

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