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0845 Dialup Service

Our 0845 dial up service is suitable for anyone, we offer a free, fast and reliable dial-up service. Features include:

  • 56k Modem and Dual ISDN support
  • No signup required
  • No monthly costs
  • Local call rates
  • Technical support
  • Dynamic IP address
  • Unmetered downloads

Connect to our fast, reliable, and FREE 0845 dialup service using the following connection details:

Access numbers:   0845 123 2000
0845 123 2001
0845 123 2002
Username:   phurix
Password:   phurix

Or Setup Now!
(Windows and Internet Explorer users only)

1. Click the "Setup Now!" link.
2. Then click "Open".
3. Then click "OK" to change your internet settings.
4. Now you are ready to dialup!

Got any questions? Try here!

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