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Our Network and Servers

Looking for the network and server status? See System Status.

Powered by CiscoOur network spans across the globe and is maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, it's fully switched and has multiple redundant routers and peering to many different ISPs allowing us to uphold our 99% connectivity uptime.

The majority of our servers run in the following 3 data centres: Redbus Interhouse, London, UK (Primarily for Premium UK Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting and Game Servers); ThePlanet, Texas, USA (Primarily for Premium US Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting), Newfield Works, Stoke-on-Trent, UK (Primarily for Unix Shells, Basic Web Hosting and Backup).

Redbus Interhouse

Our London network transit connections are currently to Level 3, AboveNet, and NewNet. We also peer with approximately 130 ISPs at the peering points LINX, XChangePoint, and LoNAP. We are connected to this range of providers via redundant routers. With this configuration if one of the routers fails, the secondary takes over the full routing within a matter of seconds – meaning that a router failure doesn't compromise network availability. In total we have 1200mbits of network connectivity. The network is designed using a high-speed switched architecture. Each server is plugged into a 100mbit, fully-switched port on an edge switch. Each edge switch is then in turn plugged into two separate aggregation switches at 1gbit, with failover redundancy allowing either 1gbit link to fail.

The Planet

Our Texas network architecture utilises the Enterprise routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. We utilize Juniper M20 routers as border routers, Cisco 6500 series switches in our distribution layer and Cisco 6500 switches in our aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches at the customer layer. Our network is fully meshed and redundant with 11 backbone providers.

Our Stoke-on-Trent network is fully switched and has multiple unmetered uplink connections. Each server is connected into a 100mbit switch which then connects into the routers. Each server also has a backup power supply.

ServersIntel Inside

Our server hardware is of the highest quality, we believe it is extremely important to choose the right hardware, we always aim to minimise any technical problems and down-time, which usage of quality hardware has proven to help reduce.

We run linux/unix based operating systems, specifically Red Hat, Debian and FreeBSD which we find improves our overall uptime, stability and security.

To ensure maximum system performance, the data floors maintain a constant 21C 2C and humidity is kept at 50% 10%. This is monitored by the building management system. We have a scalable and sustainable power supply from multiple generators with a UPS in place.

Fire detection is also very important, the Data Centre uses some of the most advanced available. Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in every facility. These extremely sensitive smoke detectors are linked to the management system.

Finally our Data Centre includes a wide array of comprehensive security features. This includes 24/7/365 monitoring by on-site personnel, CCTV Video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm.

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