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Reseller Unix Shell Account

If you are looking for multiple accounts on different servers for business or even personal use, then look no further. Our high quality multipurpose shell accounts will allow you to manage many diffrent aspects of your account and your clients through an on-line control panel, making this quick and extremely simple.

If you have any questions about reselling please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cost and Guarantees Account Features
» no setup fee
£300 a year
» or £150 half yearly
» or £75 quarterly
» or £25 a month
» Price Freeze
» 24 Hour Support .

» 5 GB of web space
» 50 Background Processes
» 25 Accounts
» 25 FTP Accounts
» Custom MOTD

. .
Email info Processes Allowed
» 25 POP3 email accounts
» E-mail forwarding
» Web mail access
» Eggdrop (All Versions)
» Ezbounce
» Bitchx
» psyBNC
» Screen
» Pine
. .
Software/Scripts VHOST Access
» Apache
» Crontab   
» Perl / Cgi-bin
» SendMail
» Webmin

» VHosts
» Vhosts can connect
to the biggest IRC servers:
EfNet, DalNet, UnderNet,
IrcNet and many more.

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