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Unix Shells: Starter Package

Note: Sorry, we are not offering shells at this time, please consider our Virtual Private Servers instead.

The Starter Plan, Unix Shell package is ideal for a user who requires one background process for a BNC or even an Eggdrop via our stable Unix Servers.

If you have any questions about this plan please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cost and Guarantees Account Features
» no setup fee
£24 a year
» or £12 half yearly
» or £6 quarterly
» or £2 monthly
» Price Freeze
» 24 Hour Support.
» 50 MB of space
» 1 Background Processes
» FTP Access
» Web Server Access
. .
Processes Allowed

» Eggdrop (All Versions)
» Ezbounce
» Bitchx
» psyBNC
» Screen
» Pine
. .
Software/Scripts VHOST Access
» Apache
» Perl / Cgi-bin
» OIdentd
» SendMail

» VHosts
» Vhosts can connect
to the biggest IRC servers:
EfNet, DalNet, UnderNet,
IrcNet and many more.

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