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Below you will find our support methods:


This method is 24/7, browse at your leasure.

Prior to requesting support we ask you to firstly read through our frequently asked questions section to see if your problem can be solved without even contacting us.


This method is 24/7 - reply usually within 4h, no more than 48 hours.

The helpdesk is manned by all of our staff to handle incoming emails for all departments.

Confirm Email:
Security code: Security code

Official Support Methods:

Any kind of support issues

email Electronic Mail (email):

This method is 24/7 - reply usually within 4h, no more than 48 hours.

Support: email support

telephone Telephone:

0871 218 1337

Please Note: We do not accept anonymous calls, you MUST have a caller ID before your call is answered.

Please note: Special arrangements can be made for businesses and dedicated server owners. Please contact us for further information.

Unofficial Support Methods:

Technical support issues ONLY

irc Internet Relay Chat (IRC):

This method is 24/7, reply usually within 30 minutes.

Our technical support team is available for live chat via IRC on our channel #Phurix @ EFnet. To use IRC you need a program such as mIRC.

Notice: You MUST read the How To Ask Questions The Smart Way guide first!

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